Eddie Johnson is the African American Black romance author / writer of  temptation in the Pulpit

Temptation in the Pulpit / Black Romance Author - Church Drama

Eddie Johnson: Romance Book Author


Temptation in the Pulpit is full of church drama revolving around  Minister Devon Tucker and his congregation. Devon finds nothing wrong  with working for the Lord while holding his own as a ladies' man and Casanova. The ambiguity sets the tone for the story after Georgette Bradbury applies to be their new assistant minister. Fresh out of seminary Georgette finds herself amid unforeseen trials and tribulations  when confronted with a past secret. The book and eBook is in book and eBook formats. 

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Chapter 1 - Preview

Georgette Bradbury glided down an isle of True Life Divinity Baptist Church. Minister Devon Tucker’s eyes were fixated on her as he watched her every stride. The petite, six foot, auburn complexioned beauty took a seat on a pew directly in front of the pulpit. Georgette had delivered on her promise to Minister Tucker that she would attend Sunday morning service. She was a recent Jersey City Seminary graduate.

     Following the benediction, members quickly dispersed and headed for the exits except for a few, which hung around to socialize.  

     “Sister Bradbury, I would love to have a word with you,” Devon uttered. 

     Georgette made a sharp turn with the heels of her stilettos in the thick plush carpeting losing her balance. The good minister reached out and helped her to regain her footing. “Thank you, Minister Tucker. How are you?” 

     “I’m fine. We are glad you are here. Maybe one day you can start gracing these halls on a permanent basis.” 

     “I flew into town last night. I look forward to meeting with your Assistant Minister Advisory Selection Committee. I will be here for a week. My half sister Marjorie will be putting me up at her house.” 

     “Tell Marge, I said hi. Your resume is quite impeccable. I hope you make a good impression during your interview.” 

     “I’m honored by you kind words,” Georgette gracefully responded. 

     “I hate to break off our little chat; but I have to run off to an impromptu meeting called by the Deacon Board.”  

     “Take care, Minister Tucker.” 

     “Please Georgette, call me, Devon. I think we should get to know each other on a first name basis.” 

     “Okay, Devon. Hopefully, we’ll get to know each other on a more professional level.” 

     “If it’s the Lord will,” Devon murmured. Georgette carefully turned and walked out the front entrance.    

     Realizing he still had a few minutes to spare, Devon went to his office to check his emails. His Personal Assistant Amelia James walked in with a cup of coffee.  

     “Thank you, Ms. James.” 

     “You’re welcome, sir. Just a reminder, you have a meeting in ten minutes. Also, Ms. Bassett the head of the Women’s Ministry dropped by earlier and left a packet for you.” She laid it on his desk and proceeded to leave. 

     He pulled the information out of its holder. “They’re considering setting up a Caribbean cruise,” he mumbled. 

     Ms. James stopped in her tracks, turned around, and then asked, “Were you trying to get my attention, pastor?” 

     “I’m sorry, Sister James, I was thinking aloud. I was saying the Women Ministry would like me to bless their effort to set up a church cruise. They have my blessing. I would never stand in the way of good Christian fellowship. I think it’s a great idea.” 

     “Sign my fiancé and I up, we’re ready to set sail. It could be our pre marital excursion.”

      “I hear you sister.”  

     Ms. James continued on her way. 

     After taking a sip of the fresh brew, Devon briefly checked his cell phone, and read a text message from Kimberly Su Chung. Today marked their tenth month dating anniversary. Kim as she preferred to be called is of African American and Chinese descent. Her message simply said that she missed him and could hardly wait to accompany him to dinner. The dinner at a four star hotel would denote the official kickoff of The True Life Divinity Baptist Conference. True Life Divinity was a mega church in South West Orlando. The annual conference had become well known within the United States and abroad. Once he finished perusing his emails, he rushed off to meet with the Deacon Board.   

     During the meeting, it was brought up that a Mr. Jeffrey Bradbury had donated to the church building fund. Deacon Seth Roberts proceeded to add fuel to the conversation. “Rumor has it that he sold his majority ownership in an automobile dealership in Chicago and that he’s relocating to Orlando.” 

     “I wonder if he’s related to Georgette Bradbury. She is one of five remaining candidates vying for our vacant Assistant Pastor position,” Devon said.  

     “Jeffrey Bradbury is her husband,” Deacon Johnson asserted after he chuckled and cleared his throat.  

     Devon tapped his pen on the table. “That explains her wanting to minister at True Life Divinity. He will probably make a good tither, if he decides to join our congregation. Deacon Watkins, I know you can attest to the fact a generous donor could finally allow us to break ground on our new envisioned place of worship,”   

     “I agree, pastor. Hopefully, the advisory committee will make a decision that will most likely benefit the church,” Deacon Watkins the church treasurer asserted.  

     “I’m sure the committee is aware of any information that we are privy to and more,” Deacon Board Chairman Brandon Roberts provided a word of caution. “We don’t have to put forth any undue influence. There is no need to stir up controversy among the members. Rumors are very easy to start and can be very hard to stop.”  

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