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Temptation in the Pulpit

 Temptation in the Pulpit is full of church drama revolving around  Minister Devon Tucker and his congregation. Devon finds nothing wrong  with working for the Lord while holding his own as a ladies' man and  Casanova. The ambiguity sets the tone for the story after Georgette  Bradbury applies to be their new assistant minister. Fresh out of  seminary Georgette finds herself amid unforeseen trials and tribulations  when confronted with a past secret. 

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Dating a Single Minister

  •  Derrick Hamilton a single Baptist minister finds himself fascinated with  Summer Reed a gorgeous fashion mogul. Although a mutual attraction  exist between Minister Hamilton and Summer, he's still involved with  another woman. An ex of the minister further intensifies the drama as  she's accused of sabotaging Summer's entry into an elite fashion  competition. 

Megan's Fools Paradise

  • Megan's Fools Paradise is about a Baptist Minister in Crisis. Minister  Terrell Crutchfield deals with life consequences when his past and  present romances collides. Megan Hightower and Madeline Webster two  brazen church harlots will bring on the drama. 

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Reaching For Celestial Heights


  • This is a book of poetry written with everyone in mind. The poems are  meant to inspire and to give hope to those feeling down. The poetry  touches on different facets of everyday life. These uplifting poetic  words include poems about those we care deeply for including wives,  mothers, husbands, and fathers. A kind word is capable of making or  breaking someone's day. It's also a book where you can feast on life and  religious poetry. 
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