Megan's Fools Paradise / A Baptist Minister in Crisis: A short story

Eddie Johnson: Romance Book Author


Megan's Fools Paradise is an urban Christian Fiction  story about a Baptist Minister in Crisis. Minister Terrell Crutchfield is without a doubt captivating in his role in dealing with life consequences when his past and present romances collides. Megan Hightower and Madeline Webster two brazen church harlots brings on the drama. The urban christian fiction story is in book and eBook formats.

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Chapter 1 - Preview

Life was great for Damita Crutchfield a professor for a local upstart Ferdinand Jean University. Megan Hightower a former best friend of Damita applied to join the staff. Damita was headed from the administration building as Megan left the office. 

     “Hi Megan. It’s been a long time since we last met.”

      “I know. The last time we spoke Damita was almost a decade ago, you were on your way to college in Miami.” 

     “I teach social science here at the University. I’m headed to my first period class. Why are you here?” 

     “I just interviewed for a history professor position.” 

     “Good luck. It would be nice to have you as a colleague.” 

     “Let me get your cell number,” Megan said. 

     “Okay. I only have a moment. Are you ready?”  

     Megan quickly entered Damita’s number into her cell phone. “I’ll call you later.”   

     A reverse phone number look up on the internet provided Damita’s address.  

     Megan knocked on Damita’s door at first twilight.  A well-built specimen of a man answered.  

     “What are you doing here?” Megan asked. 

     “I could ask you the same question,” he said. 

     “I’m here to see Damita.” 

     “She should be pulling into the driveway soon. Would you like to come in?” 

     “Okay. I guess it couldn’t hurt.”      

     “Come in. Make yourself comfortable.” 

     “I’m finishing dinner. Would you like anything to drink? Perhaps some water or tea... I do have some chardonnay. Maybe wine is what the lady would prefer.”

     “No. I wouldn’t care for anything right now.” 

     “Excuse me, Megan. I’ll be right back.” 

After a few minutes Terrell returned from the kitchen. 

     “Terrell Crutchfield this is a real surprise. We met the summer after we graduated high school. Our steamy eight weeks of lust and sex cannot be forgotten. I was still living at home with my parents. You were a bad ass. Your parents had thrown you out. I practically lived at your apartment when I was not home. So are you married to Damita?” 

     “Yes. We’ve been happily married for two years. You’re probably aren’t aware I’m now a minister.”  

     “You!” Megan exclaimed. “Terrell Crutchfield a minister!” 

     “I’m the senior minister at Tabernacle Baptist Church.” 

     The phone rang. “Hello. Terrell speaking.” 

     “I am sorry baby. Do you recall the domestic violence luncheon I mentioned?” 

     “Yes. And…”

     “Well. It’s today. I won’t be home for about four hours. I love you.” 

     “I love you too. Your friend, Megan is here. I told Megan that you’d be home soon. She decided to wait on you.” 

     “Tell Megan to call me tomorrow. I’ll check my schedule. We’ll set a time to meet.” 

     “Okay Damita. I’ll give Megan the message. Enjoy your luncheon,” Terrell said. 

     “Bye baby.” Damita disconnected.” 

     “You probably overhead me on the phone. Damita called to inform me of a luncheon that she’ll be at for the next four hours.”  

     “What type of luncheon?” 

     “It’s a fundraiser luncheon being hosted by The Irene Haywood Foundation. Damita serves on the board of directors. Monies collected will go towards building a safe house for women caught in domestic violence relationships.” 

     “I’ll give Damita a call tomorrow.” 

     “Good. She’ll be expecting your call.” 

     “I guess, I’ll see you around,” Megan said. 

     “Would you like to join me for dinner? I hate to eat alone. I prepared for two.” 

     “It’s probably not right. But I could never say no to you.” 

     “Give me a moment, I’ll be right back.” 

     “I would like to freshen up a little.” 

    “The bathroom is down the hall.” He pointed the way. 

     Terrell was now questioning his judgement. He thought to himself:  I’m wrong. I shouldn’t have asked her to stay for dinner. 

     Megan would sit patiently in the family room reminiscing about their past involvement once she returned.  

     “Dinner is served.” Terrell announced. 

     Megan followed Terrell back to the Dining area and noticed a well prepared dinner. He had brought out the bottle of chardonnay “Having a little wine is not a sin.” 

     “Oh,” she snickered. “I have applied for a professor position at Ferdinand Jean University. I’m hoping to land the job so I can be on staff with your wife, my old friend Damita. We were once the best of friends.” 

     “Really?” Terrell scratched his head. “I never knew. I mean – Damita never mentioned you.” 

     “And you wouldn’t have known. Damita and I were never together in your presence,” Megan explained. “You and I didn’t really get tight with each other until after high school; and Damita at that time was busy getting ready to go off to college. 

     Their taboo impromptu dinner lasted approximately an hour. Megan loaded the dishwasher as a show of appreciation. Terrell retired to the family room.  

     When Megan rejoined Terrell romantic music was playing. She poured them each another glass of wine. Terrell and Megan slow danced. Mouths touched. Bodies shuddered. Terrell drew Megan even closer. A warm impassioned kiss followed. The music stopped.  

     “I really should go now,” Megan said. “This isn’t right. We shouldn’t be getting intimate.” Terrell relinquished his grip. “Thanks for the dinner.”  

     Terrell walked Megan into the great room. He removed Megan’s jacket from the coat rack by the door. He assisted Megan in slipping it on. She shivered as he opened the door. A slight chill was in the air. Terrell saw Megan out to her vehicle. The two said their goodbyes and she was on her way.