An Urban religious romance book - ebook by African American romance writer / Author Eddie Johnson

Dating a Single Minister / A Gorgeous Fashion Mogul's Story

Eddie Johnson: Romance Book Author 


Derrick Hamilton a single Baptist minister finds himself fascinated by Summer Reed a gorgeous fashion mogul. Although a mutual attraction exists between Minister Hamilton and Summer, he's still involved with another woman. An ex of the minister intensifies the drama as she's accused of sabotaging Summer's entry into an elite fashion competition. A delightful urban Christian romance love story in book and eBook formats.


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Chapter 1 - Preview

Tuesday morning, Summer Reed was in Summer’s Bridal Fashions lobby when in walked the finest African American male she had ever seen. After retrieving her mail, Summer returned to her office. He stopped at the receptionist desk. “I am here to meet with Summer, kindly let her know that Derrick Hamilton is waiting.”   

     “And who are you, Derrick Hamilton?” 

     “I am an architect Summer is considering hiring. She probably forgot to pencil me in for you.”  

     Beverly buzzed Summer’s phone.  

     “Yes Beverly.”  

     “I have a nice looking gentleman here for you. He says that his name is Derrick Hamilton.”  

     "He must be with Hamilton Architectural Designs. Let Mr. Hamilton know that I’ll be with him in a moment.”  

     “Okay. And for your information Summer, Derrick Hamilton is also a local single minister. Barbara and I attended a New Year’s watch night service at Grace Missionary Baptist Church where Mr. Hamilton resides as the senior minister. He’s quite a dynamic speaker.” 

      Summer walked out of her office, strolled down the hall, and then back out into the lobby. He noticed Summer approaching and then stood to his feet. She walked over to him.  

     “You must be the lovely Summer Reed.”  

     “Yes I am.”  

     “Well, I am going to be your architect.”  

     “Slow down Mr. Hamilton. Why don’t you follow me back to my office?”  


     After Derrick was seated, Summer wasted no time in getting down to business. “I need to find out more about your company and your ability to help me bring to fruition a premier mega bridal boutique.” 

     “And how would you define a mega bridal boutique.” Derrick removed a digital tablet from his briefcase and began to take notes. 

     “It should be a one stop wedding shop,” Summer responded with passion. “Not only would we carry outfits for the bridal party, we would also have floral arrangements for the wedding ceremony. A wedding planner and photographer would also be on staff. Our wedding planner will be capable of coordinating all wedding particulars including catering services. There should be several offices and meeting rooms for personnel. A section of the building should be set aside specifically for the magazine publishing arm of the company.”  

     “Hamilton Architectural Designs have been around well over forty-five years,” Derrick said. “My late father Damon Hamilton started the firm. He died while on a fishing expedition about seven years ago.”  

     “I am sorry to hear of your loss. But it is really nice of you to carry on his legacy.” 

     After a brief silence, Summer continued. “Not to change our focus, I hear that you are a minister.”  

     “You heard right. At the time of dad’s death I was fresh out seminary.” Derrick paused. “I worked in his firm for about five years before I realized being an architect wasn’t my true calling. So I shelved my architectural degree and went off to pursue a ministerial career. After completing seminary I became the Assistant Minister at Grace Missionary Baptist Church following a brief stint as an associate minister. Grace’s Senior Minister Cleophus Harris was dismissed after a church scandal investigation. God bless his soul; shortly thereafter, Minister Harris passed away. I was well loved by the parishioners and was voted in as his successor.” Derrick noticed Summer’s eyes were locked on him. “We should put our attention back on the reason I am here. I have renderings of shops and office buildings my firm has designed over the years.” He went over different drawings and highlighted how he could incorporate similar designs into her building and yet make it unique unto itself. When their meeting concluded Summer informed him that she would select an architect within a couple weeks. 

“Do you think I’ll have a chance of seeing you personally; even if I don’t design your shop,” Derrick quizzed.  

     “You are not married are you?”  

     “No. I am still a divorcee as of the last time I checked. 

     “Divorced! You are divorced?” Summer exclaimed.  “Yes. My beloved children’s mother had a fling with her childhood sweetheart a Mr. Michael Gibbs a used car salesman while I was away at seminary. Thus we divorced. I have two high school age children. My daughter’s name is Angel and my son’s name is Roderick.”  

     “My ex and I share custody of our kids.” 

     “That is fine Mr. Hamilton.” 

     “Just call me, Derrick.” 

     “Well Derrick, I am going to take a rain check.” 


     “I have always vowed not to date married men or divorcees.” 

      On a different note, I always make it habit of asking my customers or potential business partners how they learned of my firm.” 

     “A friend of mine Jasmine Williams referred you. She seemed very knowledgeable of you and some of the projects that you’ve designed.” 

     “Jasmine probably neglected to tell you of our past involvement,” Derrick promptly replied. “We dated for a little over a year.” “Who Jasmine dates or dated is her own business.” 

     “However, you’re probably trying to figure out why we’re no longer together. Jasmine’s main drawback was that she was too jealous and overly possessive.”

      “That kind of behavior must have been quite stifling. A minister has to be able to interact freely with people.”  

     “You understand me as a person. That’s exactly why we should be together.”  

     Summer flat out disagreed. “I don’t date ex mates of my friends!”  

     “You’ll need to make an exception.” 

     “Derrick, I have a business to run. You need to be going. You probably have other work and clients just begging for your attention.”  

     After standing to their feet, Summer extended a hand. He reached out and shook her hand.  

     “I look forward to our next meeting when I will finally get to be your architect.”  

     “I’ll be in touch.” Summer walked Derrick out to the lobby.