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Dating a Single Minister

  • Minister Derrick  Hamilton a debonair minister and architect finds himself involved with two ladies. His dilemma spirals out of control making for a delightfully entertaining storyline. 
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Church Drama Writer - Black Romance Writer

Temptation in the Pulpit

  • Temptation in the Pulpit is a favorite of Eddie Johnson and his fans. The church drama although it's  fiction mirrors life in today's society.
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From The Author's Desk

  • In 2018 look for a new eBook to come your way: Helen Dougherty the Church Mistress. More information to follow.

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Delightfully Entertaining

Indie Church eBooks

Megan's Fools Paradise

  • Eddie johnson's latest foray into writing is a short story. Megan's Fools Paradise is a dynamic eBook about friend girls Megan Hightower and Damita Crutchfield whose ideal relationship goes seriously wrong. The catalyst of this ill-fated tale is Baptist Minister Terrell Crutchfield.​ 
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Religious Romance Books

 2 eBook Combo

  • Two romance church drama Books all in one. In 'Temptation in the Pulpit'  Minister Devon Tucker finds nothing wrong with working for the Lord  while holding his own as a ladies' man and Casanova. Also Derrick  Hamilton a single Baptist minister in 'Dating a Single Minister' finds  himself fascinated with Summer Reed a gorgeous fashion mogul, although  he's still involved with another woman. An ex of the minister further  intensifies the drama. 
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Urban Black Writer

 3 eBook Collection

  • ​​If you really love reading church drama this eBook collection is for you. Three of Eddie Johnson's most recent church romances are included in this eBook.

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Poetry Book/eBooks

African American Author

Reaching For Celestial Heights

  • A book of poetry written in a fresh style that's pure Eddie Johnson with its content intentionally crafted to be inspirational.​​  
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Male Poet / Writer

The Love of a Mother & Father

  • A book of poetic jewels with a focal point on days of  the year we cherish namely: Mother's day, Father's day, wife &  husband Valentine's Day, and Wedding Anniversaries. 
  • eBook
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  • African American Romance Writer Eddie Johnson presents his collection of Black Church Drama eBooks.  

  • The short story Megan's Fools Paradise is among his most recent literary works. The tale of a single women and a Baptist male minister is fueled by a self perpetuated urban church life infidelity scandal. 
  • You've probably heard of such a pastor or preacher surrounded by rumors and gossip.

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