3 Church Drama Romances in one eBook for ONE LOW PRICE

  1. Megan's Fools Paradise
  2. Temptation in the Pulpit
  3. Dating a Single Minister

eBook Collection by Author: Eddie Johnson

African American Male Romance Writer

Dating a Single Minister

  •  Derrick Hamilton a single Baptist minister finds himself fascinated with  Summer Reed a gorgeous fashion mogul. Although a mutual attraction  exist between Minister Hamilton and Summer, he's still involved with  another woman.  
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Black Romance Church Drama Author

Temptation in the Pulpit

  • Ed's favorite book 'Temptation in the Pulpit' is full of church drama revolving around  Minister Devon Tucker and his congregation. Devon finds nothing wrong  with working for the Lord while holding his own as a ladies' man and  Casanova. 
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From the Author's Desk

  • In 2018 a new book release will be coming your way titled 'Helen Dougherty: The Church Mistress'. Keep in touch for more information. 

Delightfully Entertaining

Indie Church eBooks

Megan's Fools Paradise

  • Eddie johnson's latest foray into writing is a short story. Megan's Fools Paradise is a dynamic eBook about friend girls Megan Hightower and Damita Crutchfield whose ideal relationship goes seriously wrong. The catalyst of this ill-fated tale is Baptist Minister Terrell Crutchfield.​ 
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Religious Romance Books

 2 eBook Combo

  • Two romance church drama Books all in one. In 'Temptation in the Pulpit'  Minister Devon Tucker finds nothing wrong with working for the Lord  while holding his own as a ladies' man and Casanova. Also Derrick  Hamilton a single Baptist minister in 'Dating a Single Minister' finds  himself fascinated with Summer Reed a gorgeous fashion mogul, although  he's still involved with another woman. An ex of the minister further  intensifies the drama. 
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Urban Black Writer

 3 eBook Collection

Poetry Book/eBooks

African American Author

Reaching For Celestial Heights

  • A book of poetry written in a fresh style that's pure Eddie Johnson with its content intentionally crafted to be inspirational.​​  
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Male Poet / Writer

The Love of a Mother & Father

  • A book of poetic jewels with a focal point on days of  the year we cherish namely: Mother's day, Father's day, wife &  husband Valentine's Day, and Wedding Anniversaries. 
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African American Romance Writer Eddie Johnson presents his collection of Black Church Drama eBooks.  

The short story Megan's Fools Paradise is among his most recent literary works. The tale of a single women and a Baptist male minister is fueled by a self perpetuated urban church life infidelity scandal. 

You've probably heard of such a pastor or preacher surrounded by rumors and gossip.

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