Eddie Johnson: Church Drama -  Romance Author

Beholding to God’s Grace

Church Drama / Romance Book Author Eddie Johnson

"A single female minister's test of Faith"

Release date is still to be determined

Book Excerpt / Preview:

Chapter 1


Wind ruffled through leaves of the nearby towering oak trees in the early twilight.

   Imagine entering an empty, dimly lit parking lot, pulling into your reserved spot; exiting your vehicle, you hear the patter of footsteps, as you walk towards the entrance to your sanctuary. That’s exactly what Minster Katrina Fordham of Heaven Bound Baptist Church encountered. Franticly, she picked up her pace, fearing the worse, trying to make it safely inside. Unnerved, she looked to her right, and then left, as her heart palpitations drowned out her thoughts.

   “Turn around slowly,” a husky male voice echoed against the glass doors and partially enclosed brick outer entryway. “Toss me your purse!” The ski mask wearing figure yelled as he waved his weapon catching the purse with his free hand. “Cover your eyes with your hands; I want to see you lying face down on the pavement!” The gunman locked the double barrel shotgun on the shivering target.

“Whatever you say, sir,” horrified, she complied with his demand.

The frazzled minister heard him run away. She recognized the headlights of the church secretary’s older model vehicle as it crept along headed in her direction. Straightening her disheveled clothes, she spotted her purse lying a few feet away. Katrina walked over and began inspecting the purse, which was now missing her iPhone and credit cards.

“Are you okay Minister Fordham?” The church secretary Marlene Davis asked out of concern. “I noticed you getting to your feet. I guess you must have fallen.”

“No. I was robbed. I was told to get on the ground face down by the gunman while he fled.”

Marlene removed her cell Phone from her purse and called 911. Police officers were on the scene within minutes.

With the assailant image still fresh in mind, Minister Fordham gave her account of the robbery.

Officer Ted Grayson probed her for even more information. He asked if she could detect the robber’s ethnicity.  

“By the sound of his voice, he could have been of almost any racial persuasion.”

“How would you describe his dress, tone or manner of speech?”

“He was well dressed in leisurely attire and did not appear to be derelict.  I should also note that he wore a mask as well as gloves.”

The officer looked towards Ms. Davis. “How are you- ma’am?

“I’m fine, sir. I’m the church secretary, Ms. Marlene Jocelyn Davis.” Marlene doled out supporting corroborative details. “Before turning off Colonial Drive, I witnessed a speeding car weaving in and out of traffic. The black Mazda was outfitted with huge tires sporting gold spinner rims and bore a Georgia state license plate.” The sound emanating from the Mazda’s dual exhaust pipes witnessed by Ms. Davis was consistent with the deafening noise described by Minister Fordham coming from the gunman’s car as it was leaving.

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