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Temptation in the Pulpit - Chapter 1 exerpt


Georgette Bradbury glided down an isle of True Life Divinity Baptist Church. Minister Devon Tucker’s eyes were fixated on her as he watched her every stride. The petite, six foot, auburn complexioned beauty took a seat on a pew directly in front of the pulpit. Georgette had delivered on her promise to Minister Tucker that she would attend Sunday morning service. She was a recent Jersey City Seminary graduate.

Following the benediction, members quickly dispersed and headed for the exits except for a few, which hung around to socialize.

“Sister Bradbury, I would love to have a word with you,” Devon uttered.

Georgette made a sharp turn with the heels of her stilettos in the thick plush carpeting losing her balance. The good minister reached out and helped her to regain her footing. “Thank you, Minister Tucker. How are you?”

“I’m fine. We are glad you are here. Maybe one day you can start gracing these halls on a permanent basis.”

“I flew into town last night. I look forward to meeting with your Assistant Minister Advisory Selection Committee. I will be here for a week. My half sister Marjorie will be putting me up at her house.”

“Tell Marge, I said hi. Your resume is quite impeccable. I hope you make a good impression during your interview.”

“I’m honored by you kind words,” Georgette gracefully responded.

“I hate to break off our little chat; but I have to run off to an impromptu meeting called by the Deacon Board.”

“Take care, Minister Tucker.”

“Please Georgette, call me, Devon. I think we should get to know each other on a first name basis.”

“Okay, Devon. Hopefully, we’ll get to know each other on a more professional level.”

“If it’s the Lord will,” Devon murmured.

Georgette carefully turned and walked out the front entrance.

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